Entry #2

Happy Anniversary

2010-01-15 01:13:57 by 0XsarachanX0

Well, I happened to glance at my profile page as I'm updating my pictures and junk and, in some strange twist of fate, it's exactly one year to the day that I joined Newgrounds. Within a few hours actually, according to my first News Post. So, happy anniversary to me. It's been a fabulous year of posting...nothing. :P But I recently acquired Adobe Flash CS4 for school (well, the whole CS4 Suite truthfully, but Flash is the only thing that pertains to here) and have been toying around with it a bit. I've made a few animations here or there, but to be honest I kind of suck at it. Which is frightfully depressing, considering I really wanted to get into animation for a while. I am sort of proud of a dinky little dress-up game I made, and am currently working on a bigger, more intricate one that I do actually intend to post here. But there's no telling when that will happen. If I ever actually get my lazy ass to finish something in between school and work. On a lighter note, I've discovered I'm sort of skilled at photography and photomanipulation, so if anyone has a photo they need adjusted, be it color (increasing vibrance, changing to sepia/black and white, etc.), damage repair (removing scratches, smudges, even blemishes and wrinkles [to an extent]), or if you just want to browse my selection of prints, feel free to visit my deviantART profile and commission me.


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