Happy Anniversary

2010-01-15 01:13:57 by 0XsarachanX0

Well, I happened to glance at my profile page as I'm updating my pictures and junk and, in some strange twist of fate, it's exactly one year to the day that I joined Newgrounds. Within a few hours actually, according to my first News Post. So, happy anniversary to me. It's been a fabulous year of posting...nothing. :P But I recently acquired Adobe Flash CS4 for school (well, the whole CS4 Suite truthfully, but Flash is the only thing that pertains to here) and have been toying around with it a bit. I've made a few animations here or there, but to be honest I kind of suck at it. Which is frightfully depressing, considering I really wanted to get into animation for a while. I am sort of proud of a dinky little dress-up game I made, and am currently working on a bigger, more intricate one that I do actually intend to post here. But there's no telling when that will happen. If I ever actually get my lazy ass to finish something in between school and work. On a lighter note, I've discovered I'm sort of skilled at photography and photomanipulation, so if anyone has a photo they need adjusted, be it color (increasing vibrance, changing to sepia/black and white, etc.), damage repair (removing scratches, smudges, even blemishes and wrinkles [to an extent]), or if you just want to browse my selection of prints, feel free to visit my deviantART profile and commission me.

Welcome to Newgrounds, Self

2009-01-15 01:47:46 by 0XsarachanX0

So, yeah. Hi there. I just made this account so I could keep track of all my favorite stuff here (because I haunt this website in an overly creepy fashion). I have no real talent for making flashes or anything like that, but I have always wanted to make my own music!!! I just can't find a good program that doesn't cost me all my limbs and a Mr. Nutty Bar. Maybe someday I'll contribute something fabulous to this magical wonderland of goodness that is Newgrounds...but until then, I'm just here to fave stuff.

Oh, and to shamelessly advertise my DeviantArt page.
My DeviantArt Page...get going!!!

Peace <3,